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Her influence was especially apparent years later when her grandson Volodymyr became prince.

Olha had converted from paganism to Christianity in 955 and, with Volodymyr, is credited with bringing Christianity to a pagan land in 988.

Following the reign of Oleh, Prince Ihor, and then his wife Olha ruled.

Olha took over leadership when her husband, Ihor, was killed and their son Sviatoslav was still too young to rule.

This led to a new ruling state with the hetman as leader and a tumultuous relationship with Russia in order to fight Poland.The capital city is Kiev, and the national flag has two broad horizontal bands of blue and yellow, the blue on top representing the sky and the yellow representing fields of wheat.Although most of western Ukraine is agricultural—it is a country that has served as the "bread-basket of Europe"—there are large petroleum and natural gas fields as well.Ukrainians, or Ruthenians (from Rus', as they called themselves during this period), preferred to be ruled by the Lithuanians, who treated them as equals.

In 1385, to consolidate power against a growing Muscovy, an alliance between Lithuania and Poland was struck.The late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries were periods of recolonization in Ukraine, particularly in the provinces of Kiev and Bratslav.

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