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Two months ago my sister-in-law applied for her e Passport and it only took her 1 month to get an appointment but on my case I have to wait for 2 months.I cannot wait that long because I could miss out an opportunity.It's not neccisarily about cheating, but more about 2 people who were once in love, but both have somebody else. Here, it's like, no effort in songwriting, no effort in musicianship, no effort in producing.

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And her EX (He who shall not be named) May have injected her but when she told me about it I told her not to worry that if necessary i would call and get the police involved she said "No Wait! And his name even though i shouldn't say this his name is J. When i got my mom in to this after i just couldn't take it i called my friend and talked to her and she said "As long as your mom does not take this to the police i am fine." I told her not to worry, and we talked so basically what i am saying is she has gone through ALOT of hell.This song was written about a girl named Kaz from the town where they are from. It's so funny to hear this song on the radio because I've heard it for years, and I know her personally. If he still has feelings, duh he's going to miss her, and thus. Sure he says she makes it hard to be faithful, but that doesn't mean he isn't. Besides that the mournful sound of the song really makes it sound as if he's having a hard time coping with the fact he still even HAS those its is really gay when ppl send request it to the bf or gf but until i watched the music vid i had like no clue wat it was bout..i thought it was bout a busy guy whos gf called him but its bout cheatingare you sure this is a cover. But i do agree that I liked this son when the CD was released 2 YEARS AGO!!! It does remind me of Nickleback but is slightly less is the most amazing song ever this is exactly how i feel.but as always, pre-teens and fanboys/girls ruin it for everyone... The guy i love isn't ready for a realationship right now and im dating this other guy and well me and my bestfriend(the guy i love)were friends with benifits till he wants a relationship and now i just started dating this other guy and im still in love with my bestfriend and to me the song means so much to me cus its how my realationship is.The earliest schedule I could get was May 26, 2011.

That is two months waiting for an appointment and another 15 workings days for rush processing.

My passport is expiring on March 31, 2011 and I need to renew my passport for a potential business or work-related trip for the next few weeks.

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