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I like Nina’s videos, because she explains things and you also hear from the men what they like.Nina Hartley’s Advanced Guide to Oral Sex (Watch online) * There is a new release that has become THE instructional DVD.These are just different ideas of things to do during fellatio.: You should never be pressured to swallow. Deepthroating can be challenging or borderline impossible for those with a very sensitive gag reflex. As mentioned above an amazing blowjob involves your mouth and hands.Unfortunately, some uninformed men have attached an unnecessary importance to swallowing. If you can’t take the entire length of his penis into your mouth that’s okay.The amount of information is tremendous, but not at all overwhelming.Both lovers learn how to experience pleasure during this very intimate act. Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Oral Sex 2: Fellatio (Watch online) * Now if you’re not into watching videos, Sadie Allison has recently come out with a terrific guide on pleasuring the penis, different tips and techniques that will bring manual and oral penis pleasuring skills to new heights, but in a fun, step by step, instructional manner.Although the slut stereotype is not commonly applied to men, that is not to say that it cannot or does not directly harm them as well.For example, if men are always willing to have sex, then a man can't be sexually assaulted, because how could he not want it?

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You don’t want to suck too hard or accidentally bite the penis, and you want to appear like you’re a pro. It’s hard to explain, but somehow after I saw the deep throating scene with Adrianna and Alec in The Expert Guide to Oral Sex, I understood better deepthroating better and I’ve been able to do it ever since. You take the penis as far as you can without choking, then close your eyes and concentrate, SLOWLY taking each quarter inch (6 mm), telling yourself you won’t choke until you take it all in.

Slut Shaming is about how the girl suffers the disapproval of society in general and her family/friends/'friends'/acquaintances.

You could play the two tropes against each other for drama.

Indeed, a man who is shamed for sexual promiscuity is more likely to be painted as a predator than as a slut.

In short, Slut Shaming is the act of making someone feel bad for their promiscuity, by linking higher promiscuity with lower worth as a human being.

If you’re looking for quick tips and instruction Tickle His Pickle! * I can’t recommend this final book enough that will teach you everything you need to know.