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11-Oct-2017 19:08

: Mitchell and Jayson Tatum landing with coaches who can maximize their potential. : The basketball futures of Li Angelo and La Melo Ball. : Givony’s approach to mock drafts at this point in the season and why Luka Doncic is currently at No. : Is there pressure to take an NCAA star over a foreign player at No. : The unclear future of the one-and-done rule and what teams would like to see. : The G-League not being an appealing alternative to college basketball.

Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers joins The Woj Pod for a far-reaching conversation on the Warriors burgeoning dynasty, the pressure of winning, the battle against complacency, struggling with life balance, Danny Ainge’s role in getting him his front office job, Steph Curry’s willingness to bring Kevin Durant to the Warriors, a mistake he regrets with ex-coach Mark Jackson that helped him to work with Steve Kerr, and why he cried at the final buzzer of the Warriors 2017 NBA Finals victory over Cleveland.

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: Oladipo’s parents prioritizing education over athletics.: Hoosier fans always showing love to Oladipo during his career.