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09-Jul-2017 04:01

Born as Alanis Nadine Morisette, on June 1, 1974, the Canadian is the daughter of a Hungarian-born teacher named Georgia Mary Ann Feuerstein and a French High School principal, Alan Richard Morisette.

Alanis was born as a twin to her brother by minutes named Wade, but she also has an older brother named Chad.

The song remained a shelved piece but Alanis remained high-spirited.

She participated in several talent searches including the pretty popular Star Search where she lost after only one round.

The similarities between Jagged Little Pill and 21 (which has sold 22 million copies) are striking.

Both were made by 21-year-olds in the aftermath of a painful relationship break-up (neither has ever confirmed the protagonists’ identities).

' I’d achieved all the things that I’d been told were things to achieve so I thought, maybe I’m not supposed to be here any more…" But, 17 years later, Morissette is still here, sipping tea in her London hotel room.

Now 38, she still has the magnificent mane of long brown hair but, in most other respects, she seems very different to the intense 21-year-old who conquered the global charts.

Until that point, she had often visualised various career goals; clear mental images would come to her unprompted, but once success arrived those images dried up.

And both albums connected with people to such an extent that they zoomed past initial sales projections and just kept selling.