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Uncheck the box marked Customers in this group can see products in all categories. From the list that appears to the right of Categories, select Sign In or Create an Account. If you are logged into a customer account, log out, otherwise, you should notice that the only category available to you is the Sign In or Create an Account category and any web pages you have created. Click the Sign In or Create an Account category link. Click the Create an Account link on the category page. Fill in the required information, then click Create my Account. To test your newly configured store, begin by going to your storefront the same as a customer would. https:// WEBSITES AND THEIR EXPIRY DATES LISTED BELOW* If you miss seeing hairy pussies in porn, you might enjoy visiting this website.It lets you look on as babes with bush get naughty alone, with other women and horny guys.

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Finally, you will create a customer group which grants access for your members to view your products. If you checked the box marked All new customers should be added to this group above, then you should now have access to the "member only" categories. There are lots of movies available to members and they tend to offer great-quality playback.Only some of the content is exclusive, but all in all, the website is definitely worth checking out.Video Whisper Live Streaming plugin allows site users and admins to broadcast live streaming channels from various sources (PC webcam, IP cameras, video playlists, mobile and desktop encoder apps).

Live channels can be displayed on website pages in web player with chat, tips or HTML5 HLS for mobile. Functionality is stand alone (without need to use 3rd party services) so specific streaming hosting is required.Includes a widget that can display online broadcasters and their show names. This plugin has requirements beyond regular Word Press hosting specifications: a RTMP host is needed for persistent connections to manage live interactions and streaming.