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17-Jan-2018 06:26

Instead of searching for pointless answers to your questions, your matchmaker will provide valuable feedback as to why your date may not be interested in seeing you again. He or she is constantly working with you to introduce you to someone who shares a mutual lifestyle, attitude, values and goals.On the flip side, if you're matched with someone you may not want to see again, your matchmaker will take on the responsibility of letting down your match when you don't want to. These are just four surprising reasons why Millennials find matchmaking easier than online dating.However, there isn't anyone making sure that those answers are accurate.One of the most annoying and frustrating experiences with online dating is meeting someone face-to-face who looks nothing like his or her posted profile photo.

Matchmakers hold your personal and private information to the highest degree of confidence, therefore making any fear of getting caught online disappear.They don't make it known to the public that you're single and looking for love.Ghosting has to be one of the most painful experiences with regard to online dating in general.You make several attempts at communicating with someone who's clearly expressed an interest in you, only to get hurt.

Matchmaking has a much gentler, more informed and more civil way of dealing with rejection.

It's not to say that online dating doesn't work at all, but the biggest complaint I get is how difficult they find it.