Can sedating drugs give you energy

09-Sep-2017 23:49

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A good, varied diet of whole organic live foods gives you all the Taurine you need, without the highs and lows of energy drinks.

Natural Taurine is actually beneficial for the body and can be found in cows milk, meat, fish, and eggs, and for vegetarians it can be found seaweed.

We can’t even be sure how much of the taurine in the drink actually reaches the brain!

Assuming that some of it does get absorbed, the taurine — which, if anything, seems to have a sedating effect on the brain — may actually play a role in the ‘crash’ people often report after drinking these highly-caffeinated beverages.

Some people are drinking up to eight cans a day (8000mg of Taurine), an amount that can have drug-like effects on the body.

Current research on the interaction between taurine and caffeine, not to mention the interaction between these ingredients and alcohol, is nonexistent.

Since it has been shown to somewhat mitigate anxiety, it may counteract the effects of caffeine in energy drinks.Some argue that this may cause a person to feel unsatisfied with the lack of adrenalin they receive from the energy drink, causing them to reach for more caffeine. Probably not, but research has yet to conclude whether or not this is a serious issue.Studies have implicated energy drinks in illnesses ranging from high blood pressure to strokes and seizures to heart disease.There's also herbs that can help with diarrhea, vomiting, appetite stimulation, mood, cravings, lethargy, low energy, etc.

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but I can't post em all here because you should always consult a licensed herbal practitioner before using herbs like this (coming from a professional in this field).

The thalamus is involved in sleep/wake cycle pathways in the brain and other activities.