Japanese emperor name on coins and appropriate dating

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Compare World of Chaos, Lost World, Dark World, Dream Land.

See also Genius Loci, Garden of Evil, Ominous Floating Castle, World Tree, Hyperspace Is a Scary Place, Bigger on the Inside, Year Inside, Hour Outside.

If it even exists in the same dimension as our Insignificant Little Blue Planet, chances are it's either outside the world entirely (and often accessible only by a Cool Gate), or located in a strange, unknown corner of the Earth. If so, expect at least one character, upon seeing it, to widen his eyes and gasp: "What is this place?!

" The Big Bad may set up A Very Definitely Final Dungeon or an Amazing Technicolor Battlefield here.

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Tanuki are also portrayed as cute and lovable characters in modern cartoons and movies -- even as mascots in commercial campaigns. It is often confused with the badger (ana-guma) and the raccoon (arai-guma).

Some common settings, such as the Sugar Bowl, can fall right into this trope if you think about them enough.