05-Nov-2017 06:24

As the six panels slid up, there was one thing on common very early on.

And on Twitter, there was a mourning for the lack of pubic hair on display.


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Last year the show shocked and entertained viewers in equal measure, with thousands complaining about its uncensored content online and media guardians branding it the ‘worst programme ever shown on TV'.Isabelle told Izzy that her body showed she wasn't afraid to have hair.When Izzy narrowed her choices down to Isabelle and Eve, she too stripped off, revealing she has chosen not to shave her pubic hair for more than two years.Within moments of the first reveal on the show, as six women show their legs and private parts on national television, people were asking where all the pubic hair was.


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Dom was first up to the plate to have his pick from six women who agreed to show their naked bodies before they showed their faces or had a conversation with him.

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