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He is also a former MP and NDP veterans affairs critic.(Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)"They just give up, not realizing that if they persist they could be entitled to a benefit down the road.…They are the ones who only occasionally require help filling out forms, or arranging for support.Defining 'moderate needs'But the changes do affect veterans who are already in the system.Application forms are complicated and a simple mistake can cause a form to be sent back after spending weeks being processed, he said.

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In the last eight months, the number of people waiting has gone up about 50 per cent to 29,000, according to Veterans Affairs.Once these goals are achieved, veterans will receive the same quality of support from a Veterans Service agent."Case managers are expected to have a university degree, most often in social work, whereas service agents have fewer stringent qualifications.Any veteran who has moved from case management "can move back if their needs are unmet or become more complex," Wellstead added.Others who have been denied benefits don't appeal the decision and end up with nothing despite having a legitimate claim.

Peter Stoffer volunteers with 13 veterans organizations across the country.

The entire process has frustrated and angered veterans, according to Peter Stoffer, who volunteers with 13 veterans organizations across the country and is a former MP and NDP veterans affairs critic."It is very frustrating for a lot of folks, especially if money is an issue," said Stoffer, who also works part time with Trauma Healing Centers, a company that assists those with trauma using a variety of pain-relief methods, including cannabis.